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Benefits of Targeting Long-tail Keywords

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Benefits of Targeting Long-tail Keywords

The long-tail search keywords are usually three or more words long and are highly specific search phrases with low search volume. While considering the list of keywords, one can normally identify the long-tails i.e., the term with clear, unambiguous and specific intent.


Long-tails enhance the share of search traffic:

Long-tail keywords have major concern among the web traffic that is almost 70%. If you go through your website and track the top rating keywords on a search engine, you will observe that most of them are long-tails – most of which you likely haven’t even been optimizing for!


They are easy to rank for:

Long-tail keywords are low-demand; low-competition terms with barely any competitors targeting them and hence is very easy to step in Gulf seo services.


Their conversion potential is high as they are specific:

Smart long-tail keyword research can help you pick the terms that are geared towards that goal. It’s easy to see if a long-tail term fits into your conversion strategy or not.


Even though these are the keywords that you already rank for, it’s still a good idea to assign a landing page to each of them. So, you’ll be able to easily see the entire list of long-tail keywords associated with each landing page in your keyword map this will make optimizing the pages at the next step quicker and easier.


Optimizing your page:

Always start with few long-tails into your content (try using long-tails in headings, subtitles, and bullet points) and see if your rankings improve for the synonyms.

Keep your eyes on the ranking of your website with the particular keywords, to observe which of the applied strategy or tactics is working best.


Hopefully, you will get more targeted visitors with these updates. For more on your queries and requirements for the perfect SEO of your website, contact our best seo company experts. They will solve all your problems.

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